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  • Corey Knight

Business Aerial Photography at SRT Aluminum in Wabash, Indiana

SRT Aluminum - Wabash, Indiana

SRT Aluminum is a is a top-quality provider to the aluminum industry in Wabash, Indiana and I was excited to help bring their idea to reality when they called about getting an aerial photo of their facility. When I first talked to Krista on the phone she told me that they were celebrating their 10 year anniversary as a company and they wanted to get an aerial photo printed and framed. SRT Aluminum came across as a company where all employees in every role take ownership in their work and are proud of what they have accomplished as a team. That is something special in today's workplace environment and can be seen clearly after speaking and working together with any of them.

So I did a little digging on some professional printing and framing companies that would provide top-notch work for SRT Aluminum. After a few test prints I decided to go to Wabash, Indiana capture the images I needed of the facility. When I arrived on site, my first impression was the size of the entire facility. It was much more vast than I realized and I knew I was going to have to fly my drone pretty high in order to capture the full view.

At about 380 feet in the air I was able to capture some amazing images of the facility and I knew once I pulled up the images on my home computer that the people at SRT were really going like the full view of the facility. I sent 5 images off to Krista for her and the owners to choose which would be used for the final product and then it was off to the printer and framer.

After picking the image up from the printer I took it to the framing company and we discussed the type of frame that would work for the conference room of SRT Aluminum. There were thousands of framing options to choose from and we settled on a beautiful custom black frame that would compliment the colors of the room where the print would be placed.

After a week at the framing company, I went and picked up the print with my daughter and we were both exceptionally pleased with the way it turned out. Then we loaded up and made the trip back to Wabash to deliver the final product. The whole process took about 3 weeks from start to finish, and we were able to get the image to SRT Aluminum for their 10 year anniversary celebration. Another job complete and a satisfied client.

"Yes, Everyone absolutely loves it!  We are getting ready to hang it in our conference room."

If you or someone you know may be interested in getting an aerial photo of their business or even a personal property feel free to contact me. I love working with clients to help bring their ideas to reality with aerial photography.

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