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  • Corey Knight

When the market is up use aerial images. When the market is down use aerial video.

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Fort Wayne, Indiana has a lot of amazing homes that look incredible from above.
Fort Wayne, Indiana

When the market is up, use aerial images

Recently the housing market in Northeast Indiana has been booming. Houses in the Fort Wayne area sell within a couple of hours of being on the market, people are scrambling to find a place to live because they did not fully expect to sell their home in such a short time. This is a good time to be in the real-estate industry and if you are selling homes, aerial imagery should always be a part of your marketing material no matter what condition of the housing market.

Aerial photography gives potential buyers a unique perspective of a property that can only be achieved from the air. There are so many homes in Northeast Indiana that have beautiful contours and angles that the builders and architects intended on being focal points of the home that can be lost from the ground.

Lake Waldron, Indiana

When images are used from the sky it provides an opportunity for a potential buyer to "see" themselves living in their new home. A person can literally imagine themselves entertaining guests by the pool, gardening, or using the extra space for some sort of hobby. It doesn't really matter what the potential buyer has in mind for the property as long as they can visualize themselves enjoying their new space. Take this image of the lake for example. A buyer can see themselves skiing, fishing, or relaxing on a pontoon on a beautiful summer afternoon. Without the aerial perspective buyers have difficulty visualizing doing any of these activities.

When the market is down, use video

The housing market has ups and downs just like everything else and sometimes you need to treat your product (houses) with some extra marketing care. When business is good advertise, when business is bad advertise more and most importantly take advantages of the power of the social media share.

The use of video can exemplify those imaginative thoughts a potential buyer has about a property. Take a look at this video of a home in Fort Wayne. Anyone viewing this video can see portions of the property that they would not see with still photos. It is more captivating and easy on the eye. You can see yourself entertaining guests in the back yard or opening the front door to let company into your new home. These types of thoughts are what lead to a sale and most importantly a happy customer. Buyers love video of a home and sellers feel more apt to share that video online to their own social networks.

If you have never used aerial photo or video and have any questions feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to help.

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